by Kings Of Last Night

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An outtake from recordings for the album "Damn Poets". These songs are sketches or demos of songs that didn't make the record.


I remember the night when you woke up in horror
And you thought I was going to kill you
And I joked I wasn't done with you yet

The last time I saw you we were eager explorers
In the park with a bottle and blanket
Under a sturgeon moon, steeping in sweat

You were clever and keen
I was brazen and green
I'm not going to pretend to come clean
I'll just send you this song, Philippine

Well I've spent some time watching us turn into strangers
From the ring-side seat here on my perch
You're haplessly happy I bet

I will not play the part of the dog in the manger
Or idly contemplate seeing you again
But at the same time I will not forget

I was stuck in between
You were only nineteen
Don't think I could explain what I mean
But I'll send you this song, Philippine


released May 1, 2011
Written and performed by Paul G. Hunt.

Track art photograph by Courtney Carmody:




Kings Of Last Night Den Haag, Netherlands

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