Them's the Pits

by Kings Of Last Night

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An outtake from recordings for the album "Damn Poets". These songs are sketches or demos of songs that didn't make the record.


Educated clowns need no monkey suits
To entertain the crowds

Handshakes with new friends they would rather shoot
Serve a useful end

When you need a policy flavour
Man, them's the pits
When you're sent to the Swiss coast
Them's the pits

Applause lights over mics flirt with gravity
False idols on strike

Preemptive divorce from simple comity
Is dulce and decorum

When you gotta keep everything kayfabe
Man, them's the pits
When the clowns all run the circus
Them's the pits


released May 1, 2011
Written and performed by Paul G. Hunt.

Track art photo by "aprilzosia":




Kings Of Last Night Den Haag, Netherlands

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