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An outtake from recordings for the album "Damn Poets". These songs are sketches or demos of songs that didn't make the record.


There is milk
In my veins
But I put on
A brave face

And say "How's it hangin', cheeky monkey?
Did you paint your dresser red?
Have you seen any of our old friends?
Do you still have that sofa bed?"

I've got milk
In my veins

There is oil
In my lungs
But I try
To play along

And try not to think of our skin so close together
Or the look on your brother's face
I hate your town on general principle
Why did I come in the first place

I've got oil
In my lungs

There is egg
On my face
As I walk backwards
From your place

You didn't deserve my implications
And thinly veiled dressings-down
I burn these bridges out of self-preservation
But rest assured I still hate your town

And I leave
With my head
Held high
And with milk
In my veins


released May 1, 2011
Written and performed by Paul G. Hunt.

Track art photograph by Andrew Magill:




Kings Of Last Night Den Haag, Netherlands

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