Girl Stories

by Kings Of Last Night

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An outtake from recordings for the album "Damn Poets". These songs are sketches or demos of songs that didn't make the record.


I'm walking home from the tram reciting "November"
Summer is a distant thought when you're packed 'round the embers
Tonight is just a bus ride to your place

We could curse the winter and listen to records
Run out of smokes and hop to the corner store
Talk all night about the dreams we chase

Football scores and human rights
But tell me your girl stories tonight

Stood in your kitchen I'm butchering peppers
With the steely precision of a wrecking ball
Conversation shouted through a wall

We might draft a plan for world domination
Before I run off to the train station
I'll tell you I have made peace with it all

Politics in black and white
But tell me your girl stories tonight

We wait for clarion calls to proclaim the future is ours
But my dearest friend, don't you know we get older still
For all the meaning you'd like to distill

It's the little things I really like
So tell me your girl stories tonight
Tell me your girl stories tonight


released May 1, 2011
Written and performed by Paul G. Hunt.

Track art photograph by Viktor Mora Barrantes:




Kings Of Last Night Den Haag, Netherlands

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