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An outtake from recordings for the album "Damn Poets". These songs are sketches or demos of songs that didn't make the record.


If you're the aluminium
The leg room at a premium
The prisoner trapped in this big cigar

And if you're the clawing sweating at
The shared armrest dreading
All along this trip between sea and star

Then I want to be the pilot

You're the expectation of a sunny destination
Wearing shades three sizes too loud
Yours is the elation of a young soul on vacation
The camera taking pictures of clouds

But then I get to be the pilot in this extended metaphor
As the writer of this song I feel entitled to a little more
The rhymes are a bit spurious and I'm breaking the fourth wall
But I want to be the pilot, is all

You were the voice breaking on the intercom, stick shaking
When the fat man started praying in a drawl
You were the panicked flight attendant lying "it's gonna be alright"
You were the unrecoverable stall

And I was the pilot


released May 1, 2011
Written and performed by Paul G. Hunt.

Track art photograph by François Roche:




Kings Of Last Night Den Haag, Netherlands

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